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The Willall Racing NP300R package takes the latest generation D23 Navara platform and builds on its virtues of smooth operation and excellent economy with a significant torque and power boost that sees NP300R eclipse most any of its rivals.

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD D23 Navara ST Development Vehicle

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD With the latest generation and advanced tech YS23DDTT compound twin turbocharged engine in place the D23 platform Navara presents interesting challenges to potential tuners. The key to the Willall Racing NP300R tuning program is to increase the torque and power of the engine to 520Nm, 165kw without affecting either durability or the exception economy that these vehicles deliver. We have been able to achieve these goals, and it comes as a combination of tuning module and exhaust that is available either directly through Willall or from one of our Australia wide dealer network. NP300R packages can be shipped anywhere in Australia, or indeed anywhere around the world, and come with fitting instructions to allow full DIY fitment should you wish to work on your own vehicle. The components are of high quality with the exhaust being manufactured from high frade Stainless Steel and the tuning electronics manufactured in Germany. Seamless, reliable and giving that additional punch to bridge the gap to the outgoing STX-550, you can read on to see how our development of NP300R progressed.

Stage I NP300R Exhaust Development

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD The first step in the NP300R development process was to analyse the factory exhaust system. The major player in the NP300 exhaust is a combinational DPF/Catalyst element at the front of the vehicle. This is an advanced Euro5 compliant arrangement, and with full road legality in mind for NP300R this part of the exhaust was not modified. Being of small cell count and long construction the restriction posed by this we believe to be minimal. The large centre muffler though is not required, and is removed as part of our straight through NP300R Power-Pipe Stainless exhaust. Rugged, durable, and high quality, NP300R Power-Pipe removes substantial restriction and gives a subtle exhaust note, all the while adding significantly to torque and power outputs of the engine.

NP300R exhaust is available in complete DIY kit form and can be fitted in around 30 minutes, lining up perfectly with the factory brackets and exiting out the back of the NP300 giving a pleasing aesthetic result. There is also a significant weight reduction with the NP300R Power-Pipe which is probably inconsequential in the scheme of things, but fits in well with our ethos of better, lighter, more efficient.

Can you just fit the NP300R Power-Pipe by itself and enjoy the 10kw and 50Nm gains shown here? Of course you can, making it a perfect choice for those that want a simple Stage 1 style upgrade. Send an email through to us if you want individual pricing.

Stage II NP300R Tuning Results

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD With the NP300R Power-Pipe in place it was time to change the engine management settings in the YS23DDTT Twin Turbo engine to optimise the output whilst still not compromising reliability or economy. Careful optimisation of the the fuel system and boost control have delivered a result that gives masses of low down torque, enough to pull 3500kg with ease, and endow NP300R with outstanding straight-line acceleration. In fact the private testing we have performed shows NP300R to easily pull away from Ranger in a straight line matchup, and keep on the rear door of a standard STX-550. Other players like Hilux and Amarok dont stand a chance.

Once more out NP300R tuning system is an easy DIY fitment featuring a wiring loom connector that plugs quickly and easily into place. Fuel economy is actually slightly better than stock once the standard Navara engine is tuned. The NP300R tuning can also be used stand-alone without the exhaust system if need be. Email for individual pricing.
Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD
A close look at the dyno sheets shows that NP300R is all about torque....and more torque....masses of it in fact, which give the Nissan Pickup a massive amount of urge off the line, all with a top end that continues to pull all the way to 4500rpm. In fact the driving experience is very un-diesel like for those that are used to traditional slogger engines. Crip under-foot and still with excellent class-leading economy, NP300R is a sign to the future of this market segment, and has just that little bit of Willall Racing GTR-factor.

Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD
Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD Willall 4x4 and OFFROAD

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