Precision Billet Products crafted by Willall CNC for use in High Performance R35 GTR applications. Designed and engineered in Australia, proven with World Record holding performance. 



A world first the WR35BB GTR Billet Engine block takes a good thing and makes it even better. Proven to reliably produce over 2500hp at the wheels with zero failures, and sustain 70psi plus boost pressure, WR35BB is a must for any hardcore GTR engine build. The proving ground for our WR35BB technology is the fastest GTR in the world (Team ETS).

Designed and developed in-house by Willall CNC the WR35BB block comes in several different configurations to match customer requirement. Machined from 6000 series billet aluminium and then fitted with a wet sleeve the WR35BB engine delivers proper street cooling capability with overall strength multiple times that of the standard GTR block



Another important product of the Willall CNC R35 GTR program is the WR35BC GTR Billet Cradle. Able to be used with a stock engine block, or the WR35BB Billet Block, WR35BC adds addition strength to your existing build or caps off a near on indestructible billet engine build.

Machined from a solid billet of 7000 series aluminum, WR35BC gives not only improved engine block rigidity in high power applications, but also improves engine life via better bearing location and reduced twist. Even for relatively mild engine builds WR35BC is a wise investment.



Willall Racing have developed and engineered a replacement billet differential housing for the R35 GTR designed for total integrity, strength and performance in extreme environments. WR35BD is proven, tested, and now ready for sale and installation. The majority of the World Record holding drag R35 GTRs use WR35BD

WR35BD is a vital drivetrain upgrade component for GTRs that are used in competition applications as the factory front differential casing allows flex which can lead to premature gear failure. The problem with this is that when the factory differential housing fails it nearly always damages the engine cradle as well resulting in an expensive engine replacement.